• 22nd-23rd October 2013

    Workplace Health Practices for
    Employees with Chronic Illness

    Conference on Promoting Workplace Health

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Closing conference PH Work initiative

The conference in Brussels will conclude the 9th European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) initiative “Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe”, focussing on promoting healthy work for employees with chronic illness (Public Health and Work, PH Work).  

Chronic conditions and diseases have a substantial impact on the labour market and working life. This urges the need for effective job retention and workplace-based return-to-work (RTW) strategies and interventions, as a means of preventing employees with a chronic illness of moving into disability or early retirement. The PH Work project contributes towards the implementation of effective workplace health practices within corporate policies of enterprises in Europe.

The conference will exchange knowledge and improve cooperation of all stakeholders on the possibilities to retain workers with a chronic disease, or facilitate their return-to-work (RTW). It will present the results of the campaign and the good practices, as well as the guidelines to set up comprehensive workplace health strategies and interventions for the retention/return-to-work of chronically ill employees. Furthermore it will discuss the role of the policymakers, and all other stakeholders on a public health and workplace health level. 


Results of the conference

We would like to thank all participants and attendants for being part of what has been called a "great" conference! Please find below some of the results of the conference on "Workplace Health Practices for Employees with Chronic Illness (22-23 October, Brussels)".

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